Take Your Business to the Next Level

Tired of dealing with 'Tech Guys'?

All they speak about is jargon like PHP, Wordpress, HTML, blah blah blah.

Your website, your software and your technology has a purpose. It's supposed to make you and your employees lives easier.

It's supposed to make you more money.

I'm in business too and I get that. I take the time to deeply understand your business and build solutions that truly fit.

Do you feel your business is in a rut?

Do you wish you had more customer leads from your website?

Do you know that your employees could be more efficient with better tools?


"I'd worked with half a dozen web guys before, we never got results and almost no leads came from our site. James took the time to sit down with me, really understand what we do and gave a roadmap for how we could improve.

In a few weeks he got us set up with a new custom design and it didn't take long before the sales leads were rolling in. Now we have to hire another sales person to keep up. We were so happy with the results that we had to keep him around with a monthly retainer." Adam Rizzo - Partner / Business Development / Consultant at Palomar Solar

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